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Wolf X Machina: Year Five

Posted in Business on November 15, 2022

Hey everyone, I've been looking forward to sharing with you what this year in business has been like and what Benny and I are looking forward to in 2023.

Highlights from the past year

Working with Benny more closely has proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Wolf X Machina's capabilities have not only expanded outward into more custom programming but it's also allowed me to dive deeper into the front-end work that I love doing as well as other initiatives on the business side of things.

  1. Wolf X Machina got a new logo and we built a new website
  2. We spoke with our customers and ended up getting some great testimonials that you can see around the new site
  3. We launched a small, curated portfolio
  4. We put ourselves out there and submitted a few proposals to RFPs
  5. I made a ton of email templates (using Maizzle) and landing pages for one of the most recognizable companies in the world 
  6. I updated my workstation with a more powerful laptop and a new screen to be even more productive
  7. I learned a lot more about accessibility and started working it into my projects as a default
  8. We performed many successful DNN CMS upgrades to get our customers on the latest version
  9. I worked a lot on refining my Tailwind CSS and DNN Theme starter package to make building amazing UIs in DNN even faster and more streamlined
  10. Benny presented a session at DNN SoFried called "How I Built a Food Delivery SaaS" for Foodex
  11. Benny developed a major phase 2 feature enhancements for an existing client using Vue.js and DNN backend
  12. Benny created an intuitive and simple ride sharing app for his son's school using Ionic, Vue.js and Firebase.
  13. I designed and launched a website for Surefire Safety and it routinely gets incredible 100% performance results on Lighthouse
  14. I built and launched one of the most beautiful and accessible websites I've built yet for an Art / Cultural Center
  15. I converted a static DNN page into an editable, mix and match system for creating Annual Reports each year for AITC SK
  16. Benny took a delayed, problematic DNN custom module project built using Stencil.js and turn it around to help client launched the project in 2 months
  17. Benny took on an Angular + NestJS project that's stuck in development hell due to poor performance and difficult to maintain. He cleaned up the project, reorganized the project structure and implemented new feature enhancements and help the client launch the project in 2 months
  18. Benny has been falling even more in love with Tailwind CSS. For him, it's been such a great developer experience that empowers backend developers to start doing more and more front end development
  19. Benny has been keeping an eye on different technologies that's on the horizon: headless CMS, JAMstack, Astro, Next.js. He might try using some of it for some future projects
  20. We started working with even more companies in the DNN space to help with both design and development in Tailwind CSS, 2sxc, Ionic, React, and Angular
  21. Even though we're typically more about Angular and Vue, we've also starting working with other technologies like React, Next.js, and static site generators
  22. We found our way back to working with a previous client who needs help with their tech conference / community
  23. We also continue our work on and assist with custom designs on their implementation team - including one for a major telecommunications company in Europe
  24. We landed and launched a few of our biggest projects yet :)

The Future

  1. In two days time, I'm going to be presenting at DNN SoFried
  2. We're hoping to be accepted to be session presenters at DNN Summit 2023 on mobile apps in DNN
  3. As usual, I'd like to put more effort into sharing what's going on behind the scenes at Wolf X Machina more regularly through livestreaming, sharing, and blog posts
  4. Keep the good times rolling and continue our work for our customers while also finding new clients who need a skilled design and development team


I'm really pleased with how this year turned out. I think we hit some of the marks we were hoping to hit and had some good surprises in the mix. Working with Benny has proved itself to be a way to vastly improve what Wolf X Machina can offer and I'd like to keep things going that way. Overall, we're building momentum towards something really interesting so that's what we're pushing towards.

Thank You

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported Wolf X Machina over the years. We look forward to more years of creating the best software we can and helping your business thrive.

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez

Founder & Lead Developer at Wolf X Machina

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