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Equally as important as a beautiful design is a developer than can build on your vision. As an interface developer, I bring your designs to life on your desktop, tablet, and phone. I take a wholistic approach by developing a framework to create a harmony between the theme and the modules. Aesthetics, speed, and usability are the focus of every project.

The interface is what your customers use so it's paramount to invest in a developer who gets it right the first time.

I believe the process is as important as the end result.

As well as delivering expertly crafted interfaces, you'll find that I'm thorough, proactive, and responsive.

I want you to feel that you're in good hands and that I'm with you every step of the way. I strive to be the developer you can depend on in the long term.

My goal is that you feel I am someone who:

  • Communicates well and is responsive
  • Finds solutions and is resourceful
  • Completes work on time
  • Has good work ethic and
  • Cares about customer happiness

I have refined my process over 12 years of working in DNN. Might this be valuable to you?

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Masterful DNN Services

1 | DNN Themes

Creating pixel-perfect DNN Themes is my forte. Every theme is built on the Bootstrap 4 Framework and extended to support the more custom elements of your design. My themes are easy to work with and are future-proof.

2 | Razor Templates for 2SXC

Using the popular 2SXC Content module, I create templates to make complex content look amazing and easy to update. I can make editable modules like hero banners, staff listings, photo galleries, and call to actions. Changing the content will be as simple as filling out a form and dragging and dropping images.

3 | EasyDNNNews Articles Template Design

There's a reason EasyDNNNews is the most popular DNN module on the market. It's powerful and flexible for creating news, blogs, and resource libraries. I'm adept at templating unique layouts for articles and events using custom designs and fields.

4 | Interface Development for Custom Modules

By designing and developing the interface of your custom modules first, you save time and money on the expensive programming phase. I can create module interfaces that work perfectly with the rest of the theme so your customers have a cohesive experience.

5 | Multilingual Configuration

Turning on content localization for your website is more than just flipping a switch. I can help you localize the DNN themes, modules, and templates so that the entire site is multilingual. I can train you and your team to make your localized site easy to maintain.

Aaron Lopez of Wolf X Machina Interface Development

I'm Aaron

I was born in Victoria, BC, Canada but, as a remote worker, I've lived in a few cities around the world including Montreal, Vancouver, and Paris. In 2016, I travelled to Girona, Spain to attend DNN Connect's conference where I attended sessions by leaders in the DNN community. I am an active member of the DNN Connect community where I partake in discussions about the platform and help out by answering questions mostly about DNN theming.

In my spare time, I enjoy staying in shape by playing competitive tennis in local tournaments and practicing yoga. You can find my thoughts on running a business on my blog. Read my latest blog post below.

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