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Configure Toolbars in the CKEditor by Role

Posted in DNN on August 10, 2018

Although I personally don't use the HTML module anymore, many modules still use the CKEditor for editing content. Some users need the full toolbar, and some need the simple toolbar. You can change the toolbar setting by role to make sure each user gets the best experience. In my case, I'm using EasyDNNNews to allow Employers to submit job postings to the website but I want to limit their control over the content. Luckily for us, there's a setting in the HTML Editor Configuration Manager.

Here's how you can change the Toolbar controls by role for the CK Editor:

  1. Log in with a SuperUser account
  2. In the Persona Bar, hover over the Settings gear icon and click "Site Settings"
  3. Click the "Site Behaviour" tab and then the "More" sub-tab
  4. Click on the button "Open HTML Editor Manager"
  5. Expand the "Toolbars" panel
  6. Under that panel, you will see a list of all the Roles on your website and a dropdown beside each that allows you to set the level of control your users will have when they are using the CKEditor. You can define their level of control by role.

I find that Standard is a good level control for most people. Basic is maybe too minimal and Full is probably too much for most cases. Experiment with each to find out which works best for your users. It's little things like this that make their experience better overall.

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