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Set the Primary Administrator on a DNN Website

Posted in DNN on February 18, 2019

Every DNN website has a "Primary Administrator". By default, the Primary Administrator is the host account if you don't set up an Admin in the beginning. The "Primary Administrator" must be either an Administrator or a SuperUser. When DNN sends emails, it's typically this Primary Administrator's email address that is the From field - for example, in the case where a user requests a password reset. In most cases, you probably don't need any special account to be the Primary Administrator but if you have users on your website then follow these instructions to update this setting.

Here's how you set the Primary Administrator on a DNN website:

Part 1: Create an Admin user

  1. Log in as an Administrator or SuperUser
  2. Hover over the Manage (wrench icons) in the Persona Bar
  3. Click Users
  4. Create or find the user that you want to be the Primary Administrator and make sure they are assigned the Administrators user role or a SuperUser
  5. Set this user's Email Address to be the email that you want on DNN email's From field
  6. Continue to Part 2

Part 2: Set the Primary Administrator

  1. Hover over the Settings (gear icon) in the Persona Bar
  2. Click "Security"
  3. Click the "Login" tab
  4. Click the "Basic Login Settings" sub-tab
  5. Find the "Primary Administrator" account field and set the dropdown to whatever user you want. If you don't see the user in the list, go to Manage > Users and make sure the user is assigned the Administrator role or is a SuperUser.

Hope this helps! Aside from small tweaks, I can help you create amazing and easy to use websites through modern DNN theme design, structured content design with 2SXC, multilingual, and even custom modules. If there's anything else that I might be able to help you with, be sure to check out Expert DNN Development.

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