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Hide and show edit fields in 2sxc using formulas

Posted in DNN, How To, Video on February 24, 2022

During Summit 2022, I got an amazing lesson on formulas in 2sxc from the one and only Daniel Mettler. If you use 2sxc and make your own apps, learning some basics about 2sxc formulas can really help improve the user experience in a big way.

Consider this scenario: you have a Call to Action app that has an "Image" field. Your app has two templates. In one template, you don't have an image but in the other you do have an image. So you want to hide the Image field for the template that doesn't use it. In this short video, I will show you how to do just that. Just a heads up that I'm using 2sxc 13.2.0 but it should work on v12.

If that has you intrigued, watch this simple follow up to show you how to debug your formulas quickly.

2sxc can really be easier than you might think! If you use 2sxc and you appreciate Daniel Mettler's work, please consider sponsoring @iJungleboy on GitHub

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