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Content-editing on a Wolf X Machina Website

Posted in Video on January 31, 2022

In this video, Aaron will show you what it's like to edit a real website built by Wolf X Machina

If you're a business owner or on a marketing team or in a job where somehow you've landed the role in your job where you have to maintain the company website, keeping things up to date is often a tough task because the website may have been built in a way that makes things challenging.

In a rare behind the scenes look, I share what it's like to maintain a company website's content from the perspective of my clients. Take a look.

I hope that was interesting for you! If you're needing a new website and making sure it both looks amazing and is super easy to maintain, please get in touch with me at

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez

Founder & Lead Developer at Wolf X Machina

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