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Posted in Announcements on September 27, 2019

I launched the first version of my website back in April 2018. Since then, it's served me pretty well. But as with all websites, there were a few things that I thought could use some updates, a few little things that bugged me, and a couple of simple changes that would make a big difference. Instead of going for a full redesign, I decided to just spruce things up a bit.

Here are the differences you may notice around here:

The Wolf X Machina logo

I've drastically improved the wolf face logo. It's a much higher quality now so it looks smoother and less blocky all around. I also converted the "WOLF X MACHINA" text of the logo into a SVG file so now it looks super sharp.

The font

The previous font, especially the heading, started to wear on me. It was too narrow and tall. I wanted a font that was a little more proportionate and friendler. After experimenting with a few, I found this one which I think is quite clean and simple. Along with the font change, you might notice that the numbered lists look a bit tighter and bolder.

The blog

My blog underwent the biggest update in terms of layout. Here are the changes:

  1. The blog listing is now a bit cleaner with some card style
  2. The blog post title has been moved to the body section
  3. I've simplified the category and dates
  4. The "Previous article" and "Next article" has been removed because they seemed to be useless
  5. I've redesign and tightented up the author section
  6. I increased the padding on mobile

Behind the scenes

I also updated some of the dependencies and patched 2SXC. I'm not quite on the latest but I will do that when I'm ready to jump to DNN 9.4.1 and do a complete redesign. Stay tuned!

Overall, the lesson I taught myself is this: You don't always need to completely redesign, rebuild, or redevelop. Sometimes you only need a good refresh to breathe new life into your work.

If you have a website that could use a refresh, I can help you out. Learn more about my services at

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez

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