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Just Two Things

Posted in DNN on January 23, 2020

Last week I launched a big, shiny, new website. It's a website for a tech conference for 4000+ people and I've always built it from scratch for the past 3 years. With all new website projects, I try to build it better than the last time. I don't achieve this by throwing out everything I know and trying it a different way, I do it by improving what I already had and making it even better and easier.

It's not about learning the next big thing, or breaking my back trying to learn something really challenging, it's simply by learning just two things.

Here are two simple things I learned last week:

  1. Presentation Settings in 2SXC: I am sooo late to the party, but I recently figured out how to use Presentation Settings in 2SXC Content. It's amazing how useful these are. Now I can reduce the number of templates and give more control to my content editors without overwhelming them with options. I love that I can selectively add Presentation Settings to certain templates but not others if I want. More control, less development, and tons of time saved.
  2. List Settings appearing in Content: In 2SXC using C# Razor templates, if you have Lists Enabled on a template, you can put any of the ListContent inside of the loop - meaning, you can have ListContent inside of your item content. I had to this because I was designing a carousel of package options and I had a tooltip that appeared in the left hand column on desktop and then inside each item on mobile. Instead of adding a field to the item and having to add content to all of them, or hard-coding the content in the template, I just popped the @ListContent.Tooltip inside of the for each loop. I figured this one out by just trying to see if it worked.

Whatever you learn doesn't have to be groundbreaking. Even I was super behind the times on Presentation Settings. And List Content inside items is something that will be rarely used. But it's better to know them now than to never have learned them because every little thing helps. On your next project, try to learn just two new things. You might surprise yourself at how simple and useful they are. And then the next project, learn two more things.

Before you know, you will know a lot more things - maybe you'll know two hundred things.

If you have a two things in DNN that need some help on, I would love to take a look. Check out Expert DNN Development to learn more about how I can help you take your DNN website to the next level.

Aaron Lopez

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