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Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

Along with building their entire website, we helped AITC Canada get their resources matrix online

AITC Canada Masthead

April 2022

  • Planning & Architecture
  • Back-end Development
  • User Interface Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Multilingual
  • Custom Module Development

The Big Picture

AITC Canada is a Canadian charitable organization that brings agriculture into classrooms across Canada.

We developed their website and their resource matrix database and curriculum outcomes module that are used by their provincial members and their users.

AITC Canada Logo

Curriculum Linked Resources

We architected and developed the AITC Canada Resource Matrix to teachers across Canada can order and downloaded resources for their classrooms.


One module to power them all

This project was unique in that there is one resource database but the module is used across multiple portals on the entire site. So in addition to developing the main site, we created themed portals that also use the same module.

Multi portal

Outcomes Viewer

In addition to the matrix, we also built an outcomes viewer with over 17,000 outcomes associated to resources.

Outcomes viewer

Manager Dashboard

We created a few branded and user-friendly dashboards that are used by AITC Canada's matrix managers so they can modify the data directly. Not only are the admin dashboards quick and easy to use, they don't even have to go to a separate dashboard to make updates. Provincial member admins can also make updates via their own dashboard with limited access.

Manager dashboard

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