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Surefire Safety Communications Inc

How we helped a small business increase their web traffic and simplify their internal processes in one go

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January 2022

  • Brand Refresh
  • Web Design
  • User Interface Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing

The Big Picture

When Haley approached us for a new website for her fire safety planning business, she wanted to have the best looking website of her competitors, but also be able to simplify her business processes by collecting more information online.

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Past Projects

Haley really wanted to be able to keep her website up to date and showcase past projects so we built an app that easily lets her add new project cards. Her team can even group them by different categories and configure different presentation settings to vary the look and feel.

Past Projects

Process Streamlining

In addition to a regular contact form, Surefire wanted customers to be able to send a Request for Quote that included files about their potential customer's project.

We also built an online form that her existing customers can use to fill out building information at the start of each project. This saves her company hours each week so they can focus on delivering great work.

Request an estimate form

Optimization and Marketing

One of the specific requests with Surefire was that the site drive more traffic. So we put extra effort into optimizing the performance for search engines and made it easy for them to manage meta data so their campaigns are as strong as they can be.



"Our team at Surefire Safety contracted Aaron at Wolf X Machina to design and develop our new website. Aaron and his team were easy to work with, communicative and very organized. Our website turned out exactly how we hoped it would: easy to use, beautiful and reflective of our brand and services.

The new website has features our last did not - it has allowed us to digitize some of our forms and we can now market using Google Ads. All in all, we are very happy with our experience, and our new website!"

Haley Lopez


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