Wolf X Machina Interface Development is a web development company that specializes in working with designers, developers, and DNN websites.

Your code, built beautifully

As a web developer, you know how hard programming can be when you don't have a finalized design - it's like trying to build a house without blueprints. This results in redoing work, your customers not knowing what it will look like, and a final product that isn't as easy to use as it should be.

Wolf X Machina provides a white-label service that not only fills the gap in your web team, but also elevates the finished product so you can focus on developing powerful websites.

The advantages of working with an experienced interface developer are clear:

  • Save time, money, and hassle trying to design and develop the interfaces yourself
  • Simplify your workload by programming only what is necessary
  • Turn around the final product to your customers faster than ever

Our Belief

We believe that honesty and simplicity is the cornerstone of happiness and success for everyone.

Everything we create stems from this belief.

Design first to make coding easier

User Interface (UI) Design

By starting with a clean and simple design, you can avoid the issues of coding into the unknown. We develop working prototypes so we can use the interfaces in a browser so you know exactly the flow of how everything should be coded.

User Interface Design

PSD to HTML: Rock-solid interfaces that work on every device

Every interface is built to work on phones, tablets, and desktops. Using modern front-end development frameworks and techniques, each interface is carefully constructed with usability in mind so your users love using your website and products.

Responsive web development

Content production and migration for your website

Adding content to your website can look easy, but sometimes it can be a laborious task if you're dealing with dozens or even hundreds of pages or articles. More than just copy and paste, we create new modules for different types of content and optimize images.

Content Production+

DNN CMS Services for DNN Programmers

2SXC: Clever content types and templates to make managing content easy

Virtually every piece of content, no matter how complicated, can be made easy to update through point-and-click forms and drag and drop. We configure editable modules like hero banners, staff listings, photo galleries, call to actions, and so much more.

2SXC form

EasyDNNNews Articles: List and details views of literally anything

News articles, blog posts, and events are common on a website. On top of those, we develop listings for magazine articles, job postings, resources, projects, and almost anything else you can dream up. The listings and details can have your designs, search, tags, and any type of custom field.

EasyDNNNews article

DNNSharp Action Forms: Powerful forms and add-ons that can deliver more than just email

Aside from simple contact forms, we create easy to use forms that can handle PayPal payment, membership, and even automatically turn submissions into PDFs ready for print. We have created many beautiful web forms with custom functionality to make your website engaging.

Action forms

Multilingual: Modules and content in any language

All the websites we build on DNN Platform have built-in multilingual features so your users can choose the language they prefer. We update the interfaces to support the multilingual controls. Translating content is made easy for you and your customers.

What Our Customers Say:

I have worked with Aaron for over 2 years on big projects and smaller day-to-day maintenance tasks and he turns around quality work quickly. He comes up with solutions that are forward thinking, helping us to improve the norm rather than just addressing the immediate problem at hand. He won’t just update a page for you, he will build a module to make updating it yourself easier, increasing efficiency and enabling quicker turnaround time across the team.

Aaron never backs away from any request, and always works to find a solution. And on top of that, he is awesome to work with – collaborative and engaging, the team is always telling me what a pleasure it is to work with him and the positive impact he has.

Elizabeth Jeffs

Sr Project and Operations Manager, Christianson & Company

I found Aaron while looking for a DNN expert. I have used him not only for his DNN expertise, but for user interface design expertise in several .NET projects we have underway. The attention to detail he pays to his design work spills over into the way he runs his business. His work ethic and his attention to our business relationship help me run my business effectively. Give Aaron authority and he will handle it creatively, quickly, and responsibly. It's a pleasure working with him.

Bruce Franklin

President, ManaSyst Inc., dba CirruSafe

Wolf X Machina worked with us to create a cutting-edge website at an affordable cost. Our ideas combined with their expertise produced a site that’s functional, adaptable, user-friendly, and ready to help us expand our online presence and grow our audience.

A happy client

Editor, The Component Advertiser

Aaron is the best Front End Developer that I have ever worked with in 11 years. He is pixel-perfect but if my pixels are found to not be perfect, he always is pro-active and recommends an even better solution. I would highly recommend Aaron, however, I also want to keep him for myself!

Lesia Payne

Business Owner, Lesia Design & Digital

As a small business owner, working with Aaron was an absolute pleasure. He walked me through all the changes he was going to make to my website and then improved it above and beyond what I was expecting. Aaron is user-friendly and does tremendous work. I give him the highest recommendation.

Marc Soicher

President, Soicher Benefits Group
The Design First Approach

With Wolf X Machina, you can build more beautiful, usable web software.

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