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Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba

We built AITC MB a website that's a breeze to update

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Launch Date

What We Did

  • Back-end Development
  • User Interface Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Module Development
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The Big Picture

AITC MB wanted a vibrant and easy to update website. So we built them one with "maximal editability" in mind. They can modify every part of their website while still retaining their design. Aside from typical pages, we even built a resource listing app where there is an animated filtering and sorting.


Animated resources

One major desire was for AITC MB to have a resource listing that had animated sorting when users searched and filtered. We developed them a custom app that they can easily maintain and it even improves their search engine ranking with unique URLs and OpenGraph data on each page.

AITC MB Resources


The most epic mega menus

AITC had a uniqe challenge - they wanted to have a mega menu that they could maintain easily but would also look good. So using Structured Content, we built them a menu that retains a great design while letting them easily keep it up to date.

Mega menu

Jolene Olive

Communications Manager

"Aaron is a joy to work with! From building a website that works excellent for our organization, to answering my troubleshooting questions, to providing custom instructional videos when I’m learning to make updates on different website modules, Aaron is always prompt and genuinely helpful. Plus, he has a knack for explaining things in a way that even those with just a basic understanding of websites could easily take and run with."

Let's work together

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