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Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan

We made a set of mix-and-match apps that AITC SK can use to easily create custom Annual Reports pages for each year

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What We Did

  • User Interface Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Module Development
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The Big Picture

Every year, AITC SK releases annual reports to share how their year went with the community. Last year we built them a custom but static annual report. This year they came to us to help them convert last years static page into an editable set of apps that they can set up and configure themselves.


Annual Report Tour

In this video tour, I show you how I built the Annual Report project and how AITC SK's content editors can create new Annual Reports that look unique and amazing each year.


Completely editable

The most important thing for AITC SK was that they were able to edit every aspect of the page down to the labels. So we used structured content modules that let them swap out text, stats, and every image so they can customize the design for each year.

Completely editable


Mix and match

Aside from being able to edit content, AITC SK can use the CMS to add any of the various modules. They can put them in any order and even reuse the same one if they need it for their content.

Mix and match

Chandra Gusikoski

Communications Manager

"I can always count on Aaron. He is very talented and always up for the task of helping bring visions and ideas for our website to life. Aaron is professional, supportive, and always willing to hop on a call or provide a video to explain items that are beyond my basic scope of knowledge. I have enjoyed working with Aaron, and always felt he truly cared about providing the best for our organization."

Let's work together

We start working on projects like this every week. Email us at or fill out this form.

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