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Bigfork Art / Cultural Center

The Bigfork Art/Cultural Center specifically enlisted the services of [Your Company Name] to assist them in a significant overhaul of their existing website. The project entailed the development of a highly customized and branded design aimed at showcasing Programs & Classes, Exhibits & Events, as well as highlighting some history about the surrounding area. The ultimate objective was to enhance the user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate the website, and thereby increasing engagement and participation in the Center's offerings.

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What We Did

  • Back-end Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User Interface Development
Bigfork Art / Cultural Center


The Lowdown

For this project, I was engaged by the Bigfork Art/Cultural Center to undertake the development of their website. The website needed to showcase Programs & Classes, Exhibits & Events, History, and provide a way for users to Donate to the Center. The design and branding were provided by a separate company, and my primary focus was on the development side of things.

The first step involved meticulously translating the provided designs into a fully functional website. I ensured that the layouts were optimized for the content and target audience, enabling visitors to quickly and easily access the information they needed.

In addition to implementing the designs, I was responsible for updating their existing themes and module templates to optimize the website's performance and ensure compatibility with all major browsers and devices.

Lastly, I developed new apps that allowed the Center's team to edit and manage their content more efficiently. These apps enabled the team to effortlessly update articles, images, and other content without having to rely on a developer or technical team.

Overall, the developed website made it easier for the Center's team to manage their content while also providing an accessible and engaging platform for visitors, thereby fostering increased participation and support for the Center.


Programs & Classes

An essential feature of the Bigfork Art/Cultural Center (BACC) website was an intricate calendar to list out their Programs & Classes. It was imperative to have a calendar that was both functional and visually appealing, and harmonious with the overall aesthetic of the website. To achieve this, I utilized a module called EasyDNNnews to handle the calendars.

This module allowed for seamless integration with the website's content management system, enabling the BACC team to effortlessly update Programs & Classes directly from the backend, with changes instantly reflected on the calendar.

The calendar was designed to be responsive, ensuring it was easily accessible and functional on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. Both calendar and list views were displayed for desktop and mobile users. Each event on the calendar linked to a detailed page with more information about the program or class, including the time, location, description, and other relevant details.

In summary, by leveraging the EasyDNNnews module, we created a calendar that not only streamlined the process of updating and managing Programs & Classes for the BACC team but also enhanced the user experience by providing an intuitive and visually pleasing way to access information about upcoming events at the Center.

Programs and Classes at BACC


Exhibits & Events

An equally important feature of the Bigfork Art/Cultural Center (BACC) website was the Exhibits and Events listing. Given the artistic nature of the content, it was of utmost importance to present the exhibitions and events in a visually stunning manner. This is because the listings often serve artists who wish to display their work, and a beautifully designed interface is crucial for showcasing their creations in the best light.

To achieve this, I developed a custom solution specifically tailored to the needs of BACC. The listing was designed to display exhibitions and events in a visually appealing layout, with high-quality images and well-structured information. Each listing linked to a detailed page with more comprehensive information about the exhibit or event, including the artist's name, the duration of the exhibition, and a description of the work.

In addition to this, I implemented friendly URLs and OpenGraph tags to optimize the listings for sharing on social media. Friendly URLs made the links more readable and easier to share, while OpenGraph tags ensured that when the links were shared on social media platforms, they displayed with a well-formatted preview, including a relevant image, title, and description.

Overall, the custom development of the Exhibit and Events listing not only provided a visually beautiful platform for artists to showcase their work but also optimized the listings for sharing on social media, thereby increasing the reach and visibility of the exhibitions and events featured on the BACC website.

Exhibit and Events

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