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Our web development agency had the privilege of creating a dynamic website for CAN-ENG, a leading provider of custom heat treating equipment. Through innovative design and seamless functionality, we crafted an engaging online platform that highlights their expertise and state-of-the-art solutions. The website showcases CAN-ENG's industry leadership, helping them connect with their target audience and gain a competitive edge. With a user-friendly interface and captivating visuals, the website presents CAN-ENG's offerings in a compelling manner, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and innovation in heat treating equipment.

CAN-ENG Masthead

Launch Date

What We Did

  • Planning & Architecture
  • Web Design
  • User Interface Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

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The Lowdown

We collaborated with CAN-ENG to create a dynamic website that showcases their custom heat treating equipment. Leveraging their existing branding and logo, we developed a new website style guide and crafted a visually appealing web design. Our focus on responsive development prioritized speed and accessibility. We implemented user-friendly 2sxc apps for easy content editing and created a custom app with sophisticated sorting and animated transitions to showcase their industrial furnaces. The website also features a custom request a quote form, facilitating seamless communication. Together, we delivered a visually compelling and highly functional website that highlights CAN-ENG's industry expertise.


Varied (but editable) Mega Menu

I designed and implemented a user-friendly Mega Menu for the CAN-ENG website, ensuring that users can easily navigate to their desired destinations. The Mega Menu not only accommodates varied content but also provides a seamless editing experience for the Content Editor. By creating a structured and intuitive interface, the Mega Menu empowers users to find information efficiently while offering the flexibility for the Content Editor to update and manage the menu effortlessly. This enhances the overall user experience and ensures that visitors can quickly access the relevant sections of the website with ease.

Mega Menu


Count Up

I implemented a captivating "count up" functionality on the CAN-ENG website, allowing the client to showcase important numerical milestones with ease. This dynamic feature automatically animates and increments the displayed numbers, creating an engaging visual effect. With a user-friendly interface, the client can easily update and manage the count up values, ensuring the website always reflects the latest achievements and statistics. This interactive element adds a dynamic touch to the website, enhancing user engagement and emphasizing CAN-ENG's progress and success.

Count Up


Industrial Furnace Systems

A standout feature of the website is the custom 2sxc app I created to showcase their range of industrial furnaces. This app incorporates sophisticated sorting functionality and captivating animated transitions, enhancing the user experience. Each furnace also has its own details view, which provides comprehensive information, and the template is optimized with OpenGraph and meta data for improved search engine visibility.

Industrial Furnaces


It's all in the details...

Each Industrial Furnace even has a details view where users can get a good idea of everything about the furnace.

Furnace Details view


Video Mastheads

We fulfilled the customer's request for captivating mastheads with video backgrounds on the CAN-ENG website. By incorporating this visually engaging feature, we created an immersive experience that instantly captures visitors' attention. The mastheads seamlessly integrate videos that align with CAN-ENG's brand and messaging, creating a powerful visual impact. Our implementation ensures a seamless playback experience and provides the client with the ability to easily update and manage the video content, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Video Masthead

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