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Group Medical Services

We helped GMS with their website along with a custom interactive healthcare provider map and a prescription drug look-up

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Launch Date

What We Did

  • User Interface Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

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The Big Picture

We worked with GMS to make their website a powerful marketing tool. Every page is editable easily using mix-and-match structured content modules and we even created custom programmed modules to help them provide their customers with access to healthcare providers and a prescription drug lookup.


Healthcare Provider Search

Using a public API, we created a custom map module where users can search for healthcare providers near them.

Map module


Prescription Drug Lookup

GMS came to use with a unique problem: they wanted to be able to upload a CSV of over 22,000 prescription drugs and have an interface where their customers can search. In record time we built them a module that does just that.

Drug lookup


Marketing & Communications Manager

Aaron has been supporting my team and I for the past three years as we manage It’s been absolutely great! He made sure our site is very straightforward and easy to use. When we need something special or out-of-the-norm, we reach out to Aaron. He’s VERY approachable, responsive, and thorough. We never have to worry about giving him feedback as he’s very open to receiving it. Over the years he’s helped us build tools like our prescription drug and health care provider look up tools. We really appreciated Aaron’s collaborative approach to building the tools. He wasn’t afraid to pitch ideas of how to approach things and make them easier to use, which is a huge help since we’re by no means the experts.

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