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Norwest Precision

Starting with only a logo and a font, we designed and developed a brand new website for Norwest Precision

Norwest Masthead

Launch Date

What We Did

  • Brand Refresh
  • Web Design
  • Back-end Development
  • User Interface Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Project Link

Norwest Precision

Norwest Precision


The Big Picture

Katy and her client, Norwest Precision, came to us because they had only a single page website that wasn't doing anything for them. Using their logo, we created a whole brand guide and redesigned and redeveloped their entire website from the ground up.


High Impact

When it came to branding, Norwest wanted to showcase how they're "heavy-duty" but with a modern slant. Using their logo's font, we created bold sections with large angled sections to create prominent stand out points that they can customize throughout the website.



Content, Structured

We used a "structured content" solution to make unique layouts for content across the website. So now every part of the website is editable through point-and-click but still designed in a way that represents their brand and makes it easy for users to understand.


Let's work together

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