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Plant an App

Front-end UI development and marketing apps built for a low-code / no-code software company

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What We Did

  • User Interface Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Module Development

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Plant an App

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The Big Picture

We've been longtime DNN users so we were more than ecstatic when Bogdan approached Wolf X Machina to help Plant an App with redeveloping new marketing pages.

Using Tailwind CSS and 2sxc, we built out a series of pages and apps that the Plant an App marketing team uses in their campaigns.


Use Cases

The first project we worked on was redeveloping the Use Cases. Plant an App provided the API with all the data and we fleshed out an interactive and animated Use Cases listing and details page. Users can filter on different sectors and the app even knows when to display certain thumbnail images in different device frames.

Use cases



The Pricing page was a major overhaul from what they previously had. We made fancy page layouts that could handle images behind the logo along with a handful of structured content apps so the Plant an App team could easily keep the content up to date without breaking the design.

Pricing packages


Landing Pages

One of the more exciting things we developed for Bogdan and his team were special landing pages that the marketing team could build themselves. We developed a handful of landing page apps that a non-technical user could mix and match to make whatever landing page they needed for a campaign.

Landing page modules

Bogdan Litescu


Aaron is one of the best front-end UI developers that I've ever worked with. I am very impressed with the quality of work and speed of delivery. Since he's helped us rebuild our website, we're constantly bringing him in to help on our customer systems as well. We now consider Aaron to be a partner and an extension of our team.

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