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Types of Projects, Types of Clients

Posted in Business, Announcements on July 4, 2022

In this post, I want to talk about the types of projects we work on, and the types of clients we've been working with lately at Wolf X Machina.

Since Wolf X Machina's inception, our primary focus has been on developing user interfaces for the web and packaging those interfaces into themes and modules (mostly with DNN CMS and 2sxc among other modules). For example, when a customer wanted a website, our main work involved developing designs into responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then we would integrate that into a Structured Content module inside of a CMS so that website administrators can easily make changes to keep their website up to date.

Over the years, our work and offerings have expanded quite a bit. With Benny joining the team, we're able to provide services we previously did not. In today's post, I want to share with you some of the types of projects we work on as well as the types of clients that have been really happy with our work.

Types of Projects

  1. Design projects - not only are we developing the interfaces, we're designing them now too. Check out Surefire Safety in our portfolio
  2. Back-end development heavy projects where it involves a lot of programming and custom module development. Recently, we helped a US-based business redevelop a legal case listing module. In the process, we helped them move off of legacy code and migrate thousands of records, files, and users to a new system
  3. Theming for low-code / no-code. We designed a pixel-perfect theme on Plant an App for a telecommunications giant in Europe. You can even view my presentation
  4. Angular projects for aviation-based SaaS products. We're also working with Vue.js, and Next.js
  5. Integrations to connect third party services to websites and apps we build
  6. Custom email template development and integration into a mail provider. To achieve this, I use Maizzle
  7. Landing page development for Fortune 500 companies where fidelity to the design and brand was the utmost importance
  8. Projects where accessibility was a major requirement. For a special government service portal, I implemented accessibility features throughout the user interfaces
  9. Ionic apps to build tightly integrated hybrid apps

Types of Clients

  1. Businesses, Not-For-Profits, Charities, Tech Communities, Software Companies, and other organizations of all kinds
  2. Agencies where the projects were for branches of government
  3. Design agencies who need developers who can not only deliver their designs to spec, but even make them better than they planned. We help other design agencies that want to expand their offerings so they can not only sell designs, but sell websites, too
  4. Development and Marketing agencies that need extra programming power because their internal team is too busy or isn't familiar enough in the stack they need
  5. Marketing and IT teams that need extra support from a web developer
  6. Generally, agencies that need a whitelabelled team to help with the development side of things

As you can see, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes on projects of all kinds. If you've ever wondered if we're a team that could work well with you, I hope this answers with a resounding "yes!"

I hope that gives you a better idea of what we do. If you have a project and you're looking for some help, contact Wolf X Machina.

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez

Founder & Lead Developer at Wolf X Machina

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